Coconuggets is a motivational inspirational book written in a parable style.

The story unveils secrets to success through Tarry the Tortoise's  journey in his quest to reach Prosperity Island.

This book will benefit anyone who is interested in achieving more in their lives,

whether it be money, love or happiness. You too, can reach Prosperity Island if you follow the simple steps that Tarry took.

"There are few books you can read in about an hour and get a “take-away benefit” that can enrich the entire rest of your life. This is one of them. Coconuggets is highly recommended for everyone with a dream, who needs a great strategy for making it happen."
Dave Carew is the writer and editor of Underground Nashville, and the Author of Everything Means Nothing to Me and Voice from the Gutter

"I LOVE it... using a clever, simple story to share tools to help us attain our goals."

Laura Duksta, Author, New York Times Bestseller, I Love You More and You Are a Gift to the World

This endearing parable of perseverance offers life lessons for us all.  A manual for success in a (coco) nutshell!”
Candy Paull, Author, The Heart of Abundance, Finding Serenity in Seasons of Stress, and the Artful Living Series

"This charming story takes you on a unique journey as you learn the art of never giving up, and finding and conquering your dreams. It is a magical read that will transform your life and increase your bank account!”
Kellie-Poulsen-Grill, Best Selling Author, Happiness Expert, Songwriter,,

I loved this book. I think it should be included in the curriculum of every college.
Therese Rowinski, Freelance Artist, Director of Business Development at the River District

"With this charming story about self-empowerment, Ruddy deftly equips readers with easily understandable tools to help solve problems so they can start moving from The Isle of Confusion to Prosperity Island. Designed for all ages, but should be required reading for young minds.” David Ross, Author, Secrets of the List, and founder, Music Row Magazine

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10-Secrets to Success in a Coconut Shell